About Us

Who We Are

Centre For Creative Arts Education (CREATE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to moulding lives and crafting the future. 

For us at the centre, growth as an actor and as a human being is synonymous with the development of communities and humanity.

Our works are focused on the development of the most vulnerable but talented in our communities, which includes:  the girl child, women and young people from poor and post-conflict communities. 

We therefore create a safe environment free from fear and discrimination where creativity is encouraged and talent is developed into skills for sustainable wealth, socio-political change and the courage to lead. 

Through a well-structured curriculum and a repertoire of professionals as trainers and mentors, we nurture talents into skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a Nigerian society without poverty, discrimination and fear; where talents and creative thinking are encouraged and translated into sustainable wealth and the courage to lead and make innovative, positive decisions.

Our Process

The Centre Operates the 3 E-model:




Our Commitment

We will love you unconditionally.

We will teach you uncompromisingly.

We will encourage you unceasingly.

Hilda - Instructor

Our Star Instructor - Hilda

Actor, Teacher, Philanthropist, Activist

  • Over 25 years of professional acting experience.
  • Multi-award winning Nollywood superstar.
  • Former special adviser on youth affairs to a state governor.
  • Mentors kids and teens.
  • Theatre and studio professional.
  • Mother and grandmother.

The Team

Our Creative Team

Our Sponsors

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